Teletherapy Guide for North Carolina

General Information -
All Licensures

Practitioners holding an active North Carolina license may provide teletherapy services to North Carolina residents. However, the North Carolina Medical Board cautions that licensees providing care to North Carolina patients via telemedicine will be held to the same established standard of care as those practicing in traditional in-person medical settings. More information on the position of the NCMB and guidance for telemedicine can be found here.

Psychology Information

Teletherapy included with state license, and practitioners must abide by all in-person care standards. However, the Psychology Board notes that it is incumbent upon any psychologist to recognize that as he or she moves away from direct contact with clientele, the psychologist incrementally loses much of the richness of interaction which, as any psychologist knows, comes with traditional face-to-face contact in an individual session with a client. See more information here, and see the advisory statement on provision of services via electronic means.The Psychology Board Organization Statement on Services via Electronic Means references the APA Code of Conduct and NC Psychology Practice Act.

PSYPACT Information

Ψ PSYPACT State; click here to read more. NC 361 (Enacted 7/1/2020; Effective 3/1/2021)

Social Work Information

Teletherapy included with state license, and practitioners must abide by all in-person care standards. However, the N.C. Social Work Certification and License Board strongly encourages in-person interactions both in the delivery of services and in obtaining information.

MFT Information

Teletherapy included with state license. Must abide by all in-person care standards.

Counseling Information

The North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors has confirmed via its Distance Counseling Policy that it has no separate view per se with regard to the provision of services via electronic means as long as a licensee is practicing in a manner consistent with his/her training and experience, is receiving supervision as is appropriate, and the medium for doing so is not an issue.

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